High Quality Metal Components

Ferrous and non-ferrous machined castings, weight half to thirty pounds, plating materials such as nickel, phosphate, and nylon. In addition to castings, William-MacRae and Company supplies subassemblies utilizing stampings and other precision parts for manufacturers requiring simple assemblies.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Investment, sand and die casting, forging, stamping and welding
  • Metals: aluminum-bronze, grey iron, ductile iron, aluminum, stainless steel and brass
  • Testing: pressure testing, material testing, hardness testing, dimensional testing, chemical and physical certification
  • Additional Work: machining, forging, stamping, broaching, polishing, plating, galvanizing, coating, and painting. Tolerances of +/-0.0003”

Advantages to Working With Us

  • All production is guaranteed to meet quality, cosmetic, and material specifications
  • Our China-based engineers inspect all products prior to shipment
  • No up-front tooling charges
  • Inquiries are kept in strict confidence
  • We do not require letters of credit. Normal payment terms allow customers time to inspect products prior to payment
  • Full container shipments are not required